Small-Scale UHT/HTST Processing: The Critical Step Between the Bench and the Plant

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Originally Recorded:
August 17, 2021

Speakers:  David Miles, Executive Vice-President, MicroThermics, Inc.                

Moderator: Dave Fusaro, Editor-in-Chief, Food Processing

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So many exciting food products are being created by entrepreneurs these days. But it's a huge step from the R&D bench to the production plant. Laboratory UHT/HTST and aseptic processing is the key to efficiently transitioning that new product concept to a final product.

DIPW.Atomo.Hold.Hood Hires 10-17-19We will investigate the importance of scale-up to efficient product development, the most critical components of scaling processes, and different scaling processes for different products. We will cap off the webinar with a brief demonstration of laboratory scale equipment.


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Meet the Presenter

DMM Headshot 4-22-2021 (2)

David Miles
Executive Vice-President
MicroThermics, Inc.

David Miles is the Executive Vice-President of MicroThermics, Inc., the world leader in small-scale pasteurization, UHT, HTST, and Aseptic processing. In its 30+ year history, he has served MicroThermics in virtually every capacity from Chief cook and bottle washer to business development, equipment development, and design, and even in production. MicroThermics works with a wide range of food and non-food products, including juice, purees, dairy and plant-based products, sauces, cannabis, microbial media, pharmaceutical extracts, ophthalmic solutions, and other liquid chemicals. David has been a pioneer in using continuous thermal processes for R&D to simulate production and small-scale production using indirect, steam injection, and microwave heating. Today, he helps lead the company in the ever-changing landscape and is a true believer in its slogan, Always Innovating.


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