Protecting Your Plant Against The Most Challenging Pests:

#1 Root Cause: Byproduct and Waste Mgmt.

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Originally Recorded:
  October 30th, 2019

Speaker: Jerry Heath, BCE, Staff Entomologist, Industrial Fumigant Company, LLC

Sponsored by:
Industrial Fumigant Company, LLC

Moderator: Pan Demetrakakes, Senior Editor, Food Processing

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Is your team prepared for a pest invasion?

Learn how to identify and prevent common pest types!

As fall approaches it's time for plant personnel to recognize the new pest threats that come with the new season and understand what their role is in an integrated pest management program.

Join Food Processing's Pan Demetrakakes and IFC's Jerry Heath for an informative session to learn how to better protect your facility against pest pressures. 

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  Meet the Presenter

Jerry HeathJerry Heath, BCE
Staff Entomologist
Industrial Fumigant Company, LLC

Mr. Heath earned an M.S. in Entomology from the University of Nebraska and has B.S. degrees from Penn State and Washington State in agriculture and entomology, respectively. Mr. Heath takes pride in having a childhood interest in entomology and having followed through with a diverse and productive career in the field. His experience includes seven years on the Extension Entomology staff at Cornell University, and work in various aspects of both agricultural and urban/industrial pest management industries since 1984. The International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) awarded Mr. Heath the George B. Wagner Memorial Award in 2018 for his contributions to the milling industry in the areas of sanitation and pest management. While on the staff at Cornell, Mr. Heath developed the Pesticide Impact Assessment Program and received a competitive grant to characterize the occupational exposure of pest control operators to pesticides. Later, as a sales representative for American Cyanamid crop protection products, Mr. Heath lead the company in certain herbicide sales and lead the crop protection industry in providing pesticide applicator training for growers in New York and Pennsylvania. In his role as staff entomologist at IFC, Mr. Heath is involved with technical services for the food processing and commodity industries. He also has had several international consulting experiences in Africa and Central America.

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