High-Performance Wastewater Treatment for
Food & Beverage Facilities

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Originally Recorded:
  September 10, 2019

Speaker: Graig Rosenberger, Process Director, Industrial Projects, Veolia Water Technologies

Sponsored by:
Veolia Water Technologies

Moderator: Dave Fusaro, Editor-in- Chief, Food Processing

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Wastewater treatment is becoming a challenging area for food and beverage manufacturers. Risks from sewer discharge violation notices and increased sewer surcharge costs are causing a strain on operational performance.

This webinar will cover these issues and discuss the various technologies available to help companies succeed in their wastewater treatment challenges.

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 Meet the Presenter

#registerGraig Rosenberger
Graig Rosenberger

Process Director, Industrial Projects

Veolia Water Technologies

Mr. Rosenberger is currently the Technical Director of Veolia's Process Team. In this role, he is responsible for developing solutions for industrial wastewater applications, including process selection/design, mass balances, laboratory testing, and start-up of the facilities. He has 25 years of experience in biological wastewater treatment in a broad range of industries including Food and Beverage, Pulp and Paper, Chemical, and Ethanol. During his career, Mr. Rosenberger has served as Process Engineer, Project Engineer, Commissioning Engineer, and Project Manager on a wide range of anaerobic projects.  

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