E-Handbook: Choosing the Right Oils and Fats Can Endear You to Consumers

Fats and oils are no longer the pariah they once were. Consumers are realizing that some fats are good, necessary for both health and functionality. So have a look at the ebook we've assembled, which includes looks at:

  • High-oleic oils, which garnered an FDA health claim just over a year ago but retain top functional properties.
  • Expeller-pressed oils, which are more natural than ones created by solvents – a fact not lost on consumers.
  • Soybean oil, the workhorse of the fats & shortenings category, and with good reason.
  • FOG – fats, oils and grease – which has gotten a bad reputation lately as the culprit behind clogged public sewers – and maybe those in (or under) your plant.
  • Direct steam injection can help you process fats in-plant and keep your lines clean.
  • Liquid filtration systems that can help you minimize waste. 

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fpeh 1905 fats and oils
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