Some plant areas require regular washdowns while other areas are dry and concerned with dust contamination.  Both types of areas may even be present in the same plant, and this presentation will cover how to select the right product for each area of your plant.

This is a food safety event you won't want to miss!

Ask yourself the following:

  • How well do you know your food safety standards?
  • How well do you know your food processing zones?

and for extra credit.....

  • How does solid contamination affect gear reducers and electric motors?

We've got the answers.

Join us for this on demand event available now as Dave Fusaro, Food Processing's Editor-in-Chief, talks with motor and gear experts from Baldor to discuss food safety in the manufacturing plant.

Dave and our experts will focus on eliminating risk with washdowns and dust contamination. 
Don't miss it! 


David Steen headshot.jpg
David Steen
Product Manager,
Baldor Electric Company, A Member of the ABB Group

David Steen is a Product Manager at Baldor Electric Company, a member of the ABB Group. Steen has worked for Baldor for more than 20 years and has a background in mechanical design engineering. He works closely with the food and beverage industry and has published a number of articles related to electric motors including motor efficiency requirements, motor selection, motor shaft grounding and washdown motors.

Kyle Verploegen
Business Development Manager Small Gearing
Baldor Electric Company, A Member of the ABB Group
Kyle Verploegen is the Business Development Manager for Small Gearing at Baldor Electric Company.  He was a Product Development Engineer for a conveyor manufacturer for 10 years, followed by 6 years of sales and marketing experience with Baldor Dodge mechanical power transmission products, Kyle holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Kettering University.

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