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FP1608_Cover_lp.jpgWe may not be in Rio, but we've just completed our own Olympics: our annual Top 100© listing of the largest food & beverage processors in North America.

We have 100 gold medalists in the August issue of Food Processing, ranging in size from Tyson at $40 billion to National Beverage at $646 million.

This is the only list of its kind, ranking the companies based on value-added/consumer-ready foods and beverages made in U.S. and Canadian plants. And the online counterpart has even more, including profiles of all 100 companies.

While the Top100© is the gold medalist of our August issue, there are others on the medals podium. Like new plant pasteurization techniques. How product developers can appeal to the other four senses, other than taste. And heart-healthy foods in our Wellness Foods section. Plus, there's the usual team of news, food safety, new consumer products and John Stanton's marketing insights.