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As we start a new year, the food and beverage industry looks in great shape. Our own Manufacturing Outlook Survey finds optimism at the highest level (76 percent) in the 14 years we've been running that survey. Which is not to say there won't be challenges ahead. And food safety always is a concern.

So we've packaged together in this one report our Manufacturing Outlook, plus four other stories on food safety and manufacturing efficiency, all with our best wishes for a successful year of making the world's best and safest foods and beverages.

Five looks at keeping the plant clean and running efficiently.

Learn how food safety is improved by:

  • Color-coding tools and the people who use them
  • Checking labels and other visual elements with a vision system
  • Better tank cleaning systems (that also lower costs)
  • Direct steam injection for washdowns
  • Using venturi mixers for washdown stations
  • Finding quality used tanks and heat exchangers